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Spooky Hospital Incident

By: Anonymous Story Submission
I remember this incident vividly despite it happening when I was still a kid. In fact most of my memories relating back to my childhood is fuzzy or I can’t remember much about it such as my primary school days.
I was admitted to KK hospital and was warded in those wards with animals painted on the walls. Beside me is a child who was hooked up to several tubes and was always looking towards my side.  Regrettably, I would often draw the curtain to hide myself away from others including her. This is an action that I regret till today, seeing as how that action of mine possibly deny her the chance of seeing the outside world.
I was young and don’t really know what is actually going on with me except that it is really serious. I was suffering from asthma than and was suspected to have a hole in the heart.  My parents than were extremely worried and would often take turns staying in the hospital to be by my side.  It so happen one night that I would suffer from an asthma attack and luckily I survived that ordeal. However what I remember most from that ordeal is not the effect it have on my body but rather the dreamlike sequence I had.
In my dream than, I was at the lobby of the hospital where in the years when i was warded. People would often handle their administrative stuff or collect their medicine from there if I’m not wrong.  So in my dream, I was around that area and I was wandering around whereby i chanced upon a person in a wheelchair.
That person whom was on the wheelchair was beckoning me to go over to him. He was wearing a hood over his head and I couldn’t make out his face as well. All I know is that he was draped in a navy blue overall with a hood as well.
Thinking back, i guess i was lucky that i rejected his advance and walk away as the incident that stood out the most for me in this dream was that I actually saw the initials indicated on the side of the wheelchair… SA TAN

God knows what would had happened if I had walked towards that figure in my dreams back than.


Gold Rush Ghosts Chronicles

Gold Rush Ghosts Chronicles: Things Can Get Spooky in Elk Grove

The day started off like any other day. There is rain outside, my dogs Pika and T-Rex are begging for their walk. They don't care if it rains or not. Sigh. But, I had to hold off on their walk. It was time to meet the paranormal group known as Gold Rush Ghosts. I met up with the team of Gold Rush Ghosts at an undisclosed location, where we conducted a meeting in regard to the upcoming investigations today. I said investigations in plural, because there are two investigations that will be conducted today. The first one is a private residence. The occupants and the residence are to remain confidential. I interviewed one of the occupants, a lovely long haired blonde woman with a statuesque pose when she enters the room. As I surveyed the Gold Rush Ghosts team, I did a mental roll call. Present for the investigations today are the following paranormal investigators: Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic; Robert Reppert - Lead Investigator; Chris Grissom; Rodney Roberts; Paul Dale Roberts; Catherine Noble; Maria Muzzy; Danielle Carpenter; Liz Harrison; Millieanne Jackson; Renee Miller and Layne Miller. Wow! A very capable team to accomplish any challenges that we may face this day. Speaking of which... The day today is Sunday, January 27, 2008.
Now to my interview with the blonde haired woman occupant. She tells me that her neighbor across the street lives in a haunted home. The neighbors originally lived in a haunted home in Red Bluff, California. When they brought certain objects over from their old home to their new home, it appeared that the entities followed them to their new home. At times the neighbors from across the street have paid visits with the occupants of the haunted home we are investigating. She tells me that during family events, there has been many pictures taken inside of her home and she never captured any orb pictures. About 3 1/2 months ago, she started capturing orb pictures, which she thought was unusual. Then she tells me the fun began, here is what she relates to me.
1. Her husband makes sure that all of the lights are off in the house, he cannot sleep if even one light is on. One night at 3am, they both woke up, because the kitchen light came on by itself.
2. Her husband while laying in bed, heard a woman's voice shout his name 2 inches from his exposed ear. At the time, his wife was not at home. There was no one else in the house.
3. One of their dogs acts crazy around the house and acts like he is chasing some unknown entity within the house.
4. A mysterious blue light radiated the bedroom for a period of 2 seconds. They could not find the origin of the light source.
5. A pair of shoes was found on the computer room chair. Both of them, do not at anytime leave shoes on the chair. Now here is the interesting part. The shoes were given to them by their neighbors as a gift. These are the neighbors that live in a haunted home across the street from them. The shoes when given to them as a gift, was given to them 3 1/2 months ago, the same time as when the activity started. I was eyeing these pair of shoes and thinking I could sell them on ebay as haunted shoes, going price...hmmmm...$5,000.00. Okay, let me get off my money making schemes and concentrate on the investigation.
As we set up video cameras throughout the house, the orb activity started immediately. We had orbs flying out of the bathroom, through doors. We had a lot of orb activity in the closet. We had orbs that moved right, then left, hover and fly up. We had orbs that seemed to follow certain people. This was all captured on various video cameras. Without digital cameras, we captured many orbs, we even captured 2 dark orbs that seem to cling to the wall and moved 1 foot down, to be captured again on film. We took one picture of Robert Reppert and there seemed to be an orb that sat on his shoulder. Robert captured an odd EVP, which sounded like an unusual rustling noise and there was nothing around to make that rustling noise. All of the evidence from this house investigation will be analyzed and placed on the Gold Rush Ghosts website.
When we left this private residence, we convoyed over to the Elk Grove Brewery. We set up cameras to tape Nancy Bradley's paranormal show and Nancy and I, conducted interviews with the employees. The employees interviewed were: Staci Honey, Nicole Grogan, Heather Loft, Danica Beardsley and Keturah Lowe. Danica and Keturah have only been working at the Brewery for a short period of time and have not experienced anything paranormal yet. The stories that Heather, Staci and Nicole relate are everything from hearing a baby crying. They tell me at times, their chefs have felt presences in the kitchen area. Some patrons who claim the ability of clairvoyance, have detected the presence of entities. One of the employees said she was grabbed at the waist by a ghost with a strong grip, she suspected it was a male entity. In the ladies' room strange creaking noises have been heard. One of the weirdest experiences is when a female patron went into the lady's room, she saw eyes staring at her, when she frantically left the lady's room, the eyes followed her out to the bar. Some employees feel like they are being watched. Some employees say that they have seen moving darting shadowy figures. Nancy using her psychic abilities, picked up on an entity named Margie. Nancy describes the entity as being 5' 5" or 5' 7". Nancy says that she has gray hair and it's tied up into a ball. The entity has a cute round face, eyes that sparkle. The entity is also heavy set or possibly big bone and is wearing an old fashioned apron with pink designs. As Nancy walked around she was picking up on Margie's last name, it starts with a 'C' and could be possibly an Italian last name. As Nancy concentrated, images flashed in her mind. Images of Margie coming to America on a boat. While Margie was on this boat, she was afraid of the water. All of Margie's belongings were placed in a chest. Margie adored the contents of the chest and the chest itself. Margie's intention was to be a hand maid in America, but instead she found herself working in the kitchen. Nancy gathered that Margie came over at the age of 16 and died when she was 54. Margie was planning to settle down with a family in San Francisco, but instead found herself in Sacramento, after the family moved. One of Margie's specialties was skinning snakes and cooking them. The eating of snakes could have been one of her delicacies.
As Nancy picked up on the information on Margie, she later picked up on the energy of a short man that happens to follow one of the cook's around. When Nancy focuses on something with her psychic abilities, her eyes are focused on the unseen object. You can actually follow Nancy's eyes as she sees things that we can't see. As the Gold Rush Ghosts investigative teams were on their assignments, the employees allowed us to investigate the upstairs areas and the basement. The team has so far taken pictures of various orb activity. There is one photograph that shows an orb splitting into two separate orbs. The EVPs have not been fully analyzed yet and I will let Robert Reppert place that information in our FINDINGS and CONCLUSIONS.
One of the investigators had a fully charged camera and the batteries instantly drained. A possible source of this problem is when an entity or entities take the energy from a power source, such as batteries.
We had two great investigations today and I am looking forward to the results of this investigation. This is where I let Robert take it away. Robert?
ROBERT REPPERT'S FINDINGS: When we arrived at the first location, I started to take photographs of the site. First to show the lay out of the site and then to see if any orb activity would appear. To my surprise I was able to catch two Dark Orbs in one room of the residence. A Dark Orb is where the orb absorbs the light of the flash and does not reflect it back to the camera. I was also able to catch some light blue orbs around the shoes that were presented to us. Upon further investigation with Infrared cameras we were able to capture the orb activity moving around the shoes first. We then moved the camera to different places around the home. Upon placing the camera in the master closet, We were able to view a flurry of Orb activity and also abnormally high EMF readings. I was finally lucky enough to catch an EVP around the shoes that we are enhancing as we speak. We then moved on to the Brewery.
My Main Job at the Brewery was to film the interviews with Nancy, Paul, and the staff of the Brewery but I also got to do some filming in the building as well. The Basement: this area of the building has been reported as having the sound of a baby crying. Upon entering the basement I could feel the heavy air hanging around me but I heard no sounds of infants. Our team of investigators were able to get an array of orb photos and a few EVPs. We could not get most of the building dark enough to use our nightshot and infrared cameras. On a technical note, I could indentify that the building looked to be constructed around the late 1800's or the early 1900's and it appeared to have had a store on the main level and possibly rooms for rent on the top floor which is consisitant with that era. The brick building sits in which was the center of old Elk Grove with only one other brick building that sits to the West of it.
ROBERT REPPERT'S CONCLUSION: The fact that several people have heard the infant crying, warrants some deeper research into what this building may have been in the past as well as it's occupants. The main areas of sightings were reported to be the basement, the kitchen, and the Lady's bathroom. With the initial investigation over, I can conclude that the brewery has many reports of activity and deserves further probing into it's activity. The private residence has proven to us to have spirit activity. We have encouraged the occupants to enjoy the energy and that there is nothing to fear about the activity. The evedence shows that there is someone or something that likes to be at this place.
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI and GRG Ghostwriter, Ghosthunter
Paranormal Investigator for Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California
and Gold Rush Ghosts
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
Be on the lookout for the:HPI NORTHERN CA PARANORMAL CONFERENCE at the Brookdale Lodge May 16-18th, 2008 and I will be on the new TV series called Ghost Girls at
And be on the lookout for the NOSCARS Award Ceremony
Feb 14th, 2008 go to:
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark cover.jpg
AuthorAlvin Schwartz
IllustratorStephen Gammell
Cover artistStephen Gammell
CountryUnited States
GenreHorror, Children's
PublisherHarper & Row
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is a series of three children's books written by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Stephen Gammell. The scary stories of the title are pieces of folklore and urban legends collected and adapted by Schwartz. The titles of the books are Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (1981), More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (1984), and Scary Stories 3 : More Tales To Chill Your Bones (1991).


The first volume was published in 1981, and the books have subsequently been collected in both a box set and a single volume. There is also an audiobook version of each book, read by George S. Irving. The audiobooks are presented in unabridged format with the exception of a handful of missing stories from the first book.
This series is listed as being the most challenged series of books from 1990–1999[1] and seventh most challenged from 2000-2009 [2] by the American Library Association for its violence. The surreal and nightmarish illustrations contained within are also a frequently challenged component of the original books.
To celebrate the books' 30th anniversary in 2011, Scholastic re-released them with new illustrations from Brett Helquist, the illustrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events. This has come under severe criticism from fans of Gammell's illustrations, citing that they are not as effective or as scary as the originals.[3]


#TitleOriginal published datePagesISBN
1Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkOctober 14, 1981128ISBN 0-397-31970-1
Stories include: 1. The Big Toe, 2. The Walk, 3. "What Do You Come For?", 4. Me Tie Dough-ty Walker!, 5. A Man Who Lived in Leeds, 6. Old Woman All Skin and Bone, 7. The Thing, 8. Cold as Clay, 9. The White Wolf, 10. The Haunted House, 11. The Guests, 12. The Hearse Song, 13. The Girl Who Stood on a Grave, 14. A New Horse, 15. Alligators, 16. Room for One More, 17. The Wendigo, 18. The Dead Man's Brains, 19. "May I Carry Your Basket?", 20. The Hook, 21. The White Satin Evening Gown, 22. High Beams, 23. The Babysitter, 24. The Viper, 25. The Attic, 26. The Slithery-Dee, 27. Aaron Kelly's Bones, 28. Wait til Martin Comes, 29. The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers. 
2More Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkOctober 31, 1984112ISBN 0-812-44914-3
Stories include: 1. Something was Wrong, 2. The Wreck, 3. One Sunday Morning, 4. Sounds, 5. A Weird Blue Light, 6. Somebody Fell From Aloft, 7. The Little Black Dog, 8. Clinkity-Clink, 9. The Bride, 10. Rings on Her Fingers 11. The Drum, 12. The Window, 13. Wonderful Sausage, 14. The Cat's Paw, 15. The Voice, 16. "Oh, Susannah!", 17. The Man in the Middle, 18. Cat in a Shopping Bag, 19. The Bed by the Window, 20. The Dead Man's Hand, 21. A Ghost in the Mirror, 22. The Curse, 23. The Church, 24. The Bad News, 25. Cemetery Soup, 26. The Brown Suit, 27. BA-ROOOM!, 28. Thumpity-Thump. 
3Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your BonesSeptember 1, 1991128ISBN 0-590-13589-4
Stories include: 1. The Appointment, 2. The Bus Stop, 3. Faster and Faster, 4. Just Delicious, 5. Hello, Kate!, 6. The Black Dog, 7. Footsteps, 8. Like Cat's Eyes, 9. Bess, 10. Harold, 11. The Dead Hand, 12. Such Things Happen, 13. The Wolf Girl, 14. The Dream, 15. Sam's New Pet, 16. Maybe You Will Remember, 17. The Red Spot, 18. No, Thanks, 19. The Trouble, 20. Strangers, 21. The Hog, 22. Is Something Wrong?, 23. It's Him!, 24. T-H-U-P-P-P-P-P-P-P!, 25. You May Be Next... 

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A Blast From The Past

By curiousDevu

This story is from monsoon '13, I don't remember the exact month except that it rained continuously and heavily, the skies were overcast and the rain pounded the roof and the windows. I had taken a day off from college, a fake sick leave like Ferris Bueller but unlike the beautiful spring day in Chicago, I was faced with a ton of assignments and heavy rains.
This was the first time I had experienced any kind of spiritual phenomena in my house except for the episode of hearing someone or something imitating my mom's voice, this incident was relatively more terrifying than anything I experienced before. I wasn't remotely scary but it scared me to the point of paranoia. I apologize in advance for the length of my story as I know it will be long.
As I said before it was a rainy day and I had a lot of assignments to take care of, none of my friends were there to help me so my mood wasn't really great. Grudgingly, I sat down at my desk and was writing (read copying from Wiki) my assignment. I did it for the better part of two hours when I started feeling cramps and aches, deciding to tackle the papers in the evening I yawned and settled for a nap, right there in the chair. I grabbed a stuffed bunny and fell asleep. The weather was really great for a nap, the dark skies, comforting sound of the rains and cool winds blowing in the room from the outdoors, I slept like a baby. I didn't know how long I was asleep but when I woke up it was six o'clock in the evening.
I had slept for nearly 6 hours I thought as I had given up on assignments at half past 11 in the morning; it was very dark when I woke up. The house was covered in darkness, it had stopped raining but the cloud cover had darkened everything. I didn't know what woke me up, I was getting out of bed to switch on a light as the entire house was dark when I thought I heard someone beside me. I saw my mom, I will say that again, I saw my mom the way she looked 15 years ago. There was something eerily wrong with the picture, she looked very pale and was shaking, she was crying and was hugging someone who heavily resembled me. It was my sister, the way she looked when she was 8. I called their names a few times but they simply kept on ignoring me.
I took in as much as I could of the scene, it couldn't have lasted even a minute. Yet I remember everything about the scene, my mom had half collapsed on the floor because of her crying and Diane was holding her tightly. Mom's hair was waist length; she never grows it past her shoulders now, I remembered their dresses, their inconsolable crying and just the whole scene. I wanted to shout but no sound escaped my mouth, I was about to stand up and go comfort them when the entire scene just melted away. I don't know how else to describe it. As soon as I stood up, I could see our new carpet and upholstered furniture which strangely enough were absent a few seconds ago. Mom and Di had simply vanished. The sound of pouring rain brought me back to reality; I was unable to wrap my head around the situation and didn't know what to make of it. I immediately grabbed my cell and called mom and asked her to come home as soon as she could, my petrified voice convinced to her to drop everything and hurry home.
I described her in detail the scene I witnessed and the more I talked, the more concerned she became. I had even gone to the length of describing her clothing and when I was finished, she broke down. She said she remembered it, it was the day my father had passed away and she had come home and just collapsed. Diane, my sister, was there with her, but 3 year old me was at my grandma's place in Pune she was telling me. My mom was shocked by the details I gave and kept on repeating "You weren't even there, how could you possibly know that?"
I repeated my story; it was like travelling back in time except it had taken place of its own accord. I spoke to my best friend Vidya about it and she opines that maybe the incident which I witnessed had so much energy that it left its imprint in the house and when the conditions were right, the depressing weather and me just waking up might have made me open to witness it.
I have no idea why those events took place, maybe Vidya was right but what I saw unnerved me. I couldn't get that incident out of my head but since I didn't have time to write about it a few months back, I am writing it now. Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section, I thank you for taking the time to read this,


A lady In White

By: Anonymous Story Submission
To this day I believe I met something supernatural in 1975 and whenever I think about what I experienced that night, goose pimples just mushroomed on my limbs and body.
I was then living with my parents in Rawang, Selangor. I had night classes in Petaling Jaya for some days of the week and I used to drive my faithful Datsun 1200 BAA 131 to attend these classes.
I could still remember that it was on 4th April 1975, a Friday. My class was over at 9:30pm. As it was a Friday, I joined a few of my classmates at Section 5 for a bite before going home. I left for home at 11 pm and the only way back to Rawang then was through the old Ipoh road that passed through the Kanching Pass, a stretch of winding uphill road just after where Selayang Baru is today and before Templar Park. I reached the bottom of the Pass at about 11:40 pm and I spotted a woman in white carrying a red bundle that appeared to be an infant on the opposite side of the road at a bus stop. My immediate thought was …..”you are not going to get a bus!! The last bus of Len Omnibus from Rawang was at 10pm and there are no more buses after that!”
The road going through the Pass was a single lane and narrow. There wasn’t any car following me and certainly none overtook me during the 2 – 3 km climb up the Pass. I reached the top of the Pass and was on the descent when I suddenly spotted the same woman in white carrying that red bundle and this time round (my goose pimples again even after 38 years!!) she was on my side of the road and she was attempting to wave at me to stop my car for her!! I step on the accelerator but couldn’t resist a glance to pick up a reflection of her through my rear mirror! I saw NOTHING!! There was a morbid fear at that time that she was already seated in the rear seat of my car. It could have been an attack of goose pimples then as I certainly felt an eerie presence and an instant drop of the temperature in the car! I kept praying but just didn’t have the guts to look back to verify whether she was there!! It was such a relief when I saw the first few houses of the town. It was only then that I dared to look at the rear seat. What I saw sent another chill through my soul! (Then and even now!!) There was a white towel on the seat …. an object that certainly was not mine!!


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Terperangkap Dalam Lorong Rumah Sakit

Photo Credit:  Google Images 

Salam Sejahtera untuk semua. Saya biasa disapa dengan sebutan Day. Peristiwa ini terjadi saat saya masih belum memahami tentang dunia ghaib. Disebuah Rumah Sakit yang cukup ternama di Jakarta konon ada sebuah cerita tentang seorang gadis remaja yang tewas karena suatu peristiwa dimana saat itu mengejutkan seluruh orang yang ada didalam rumah sakit.

Singkat cerita, pada suatu malam, saat itu saya sedang menjenguk saudara yang sakit (tepat malam Jumat kliwon dalam kondisi hujan deras diluar). Saat itu waktu menunjukkan pukul 00.30, hujan pun reda. Disaat itu saya tidak bisa tertidur dan ingin mencari makanan diluar, namun sudah tidak bisa karena lift serta tangga darurat telah ditutup. Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk tetap didalam rumah sakit namun diluar kamar.

Seketika, disaat saya sedang duduk santai sekaligus mendengarkan musik, saya mendengar suara aneh dari kamar depan tempat saya duduk, seperti orang minta tolong, namun saya tidak memperdulikannya karena saya pikir hanya suara angin saja. Tapi suara itu makin lama semakin jelas. Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk menghampiri kamar tersebut. Akan tetapi pintu kamar tersebut terkunci dan sulit untuk dibuka, walaupun sudah saya dobrak sekeras mungkin alhasil sia-sia.

Disaat itu pula saya mendengar suara telapak kaki berjalan di ujung lorong tersebut menghampiri saya, namun tidak ada siapapun dilorong setengah gelap itu kecuali saya sendri. Tanpa pikir panjang lagi saya berlari menuju tangga darurat yang ada di ujung lorong dengan mendobrak pintu tangga tersebut (karena sudah terkunci), dengan maksud meminta bantuan kepada security.

Setelah sampai dipos security saya menceritakan kejadian yang saya alami, namun security hanya diam saja. Lalu dia menceritakan yang sebenarnya bahwa kamar tersebut telah lama dikosongkan karena meninggalnya seorang gadis remaja, yang sejak saat itu ketika malam Jumat terutama kliwon ada suara gadis minta tolong. Oleh karena itu bila malam Jumat datang tidak ada seorangpun yang berada dilorong lantai satu itu, baik perawat, security, maupun pengunjung.

Akhirnya saya duduk terdiam membisu mendengar cerita tersebut. Saya pun diberikan minum dan roti oleh security serta sayapun merokok sebatang untuk menenangkan pikiran serta memikirkan apa yang telah saya alami. Dengan tekad yang kuat saya putuskan untuk memahami lebih dalam lagi tentang dunia ghaib dengan bantuan abang, kakek, dan uwa saya.

Mereka pun memberikan bekal kepada saya hingga saat ini, serta menasehati "Walaupun saya sudah memiliki bekal yang cukup tapi dunia ghaib bukanlah sembarangan dan makhluk yang hidup disana bukanlah sembarang makhluk karena mereka dapat melihat kita sedang kita tidak dapat melihat mereka. Maka itu buanglah kesombongan pada diri karena diatas langit masih ada langit dan ambillah sifat padi".

- Kiriman cerita dari Day
Source:   Cerita Misteri Indo



Part of the series on
Japanese Mythology & Folklore

Amaterasu cave wide.jpg
Mythic Texts and Folktales:
Kojiki | Nihon Shoki | Fudoki
Kujiki | Kogo Shūi | Nihon Ryōiki
Otogizōshi | Oiwa | Okiku | Urashima Tarō
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Ukiyo-e print of yōkai, by Aotoshi Matsui
Yōkai (妖怪?, ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for "otherworldly" and "weird".[citation needed] Yōkai range eclectically from the malevolent to the mischievous, or occasionally bring good fortune to those who encounter them. Often they possess animal features (such as the Kappa, which is similar to a turtle, or the Tengu which has wings), other times they can appear mostly human, some look like inanimate objects and others have no discernible shape. Yōkai usually have a spiritual supernatural power, with shapeshifting being one of the most common. Yōkai that have the ability to shapeshift are called obake.
Japanese folklorists and historians use yōkai as "supernatural or unaccountable phenomena to their informants". In the Edo period, many artists, such as Toriyama Sekien, created yōkai inspired by folklore or their own ideas, and in the present, several yōkai created by them (e.g. Kameosa and Amikiri, see below) are wrongly considered as being of legendary origin



There are a wide variety of yōkai in Japanese folklore. In general, yōkai is a broad term, and can be used to encompass virtually all monsters and supernatural beings, even including creatures from European folklore on occasion (e.g., the English bugbear is often included in Japanese folklore to the point that some mistakenly believe it originates from said folklore).


Ukiyo-e print of yōkai, by Kawanabe Kyōsai

Many indigenous Japanese animals are thought to have magical qualities. Most of these are henge (変化?), which are shapeshifters (o-bake, bake-mono[2]) that often appear in human form, mostly women. Some of the better known animal yōkai include the following:
  • Tanuki (raccoon dogs)
  • Kitsune (foxes)
  • Hebi (snakes)
  • Mujina (badgers)
  • Ōkami (wolves)
  • Bakeneko (cats)
  • Tsuchigumo and jorōgumo (spiders)
  • Inugami (dogs)


One of the most well-known aspects of Japanese folklore is the oni, which is a sort of mountain-dwelling ogre, usually depicted with red, blue, brown or black skin, two horns on its head, a wide mouth filled with fangs, and wearing nothing but a tigerskin loincloth. It often carries an iron kanabo or a giant sword. Oni are mostly depicted as evil, but can occasionally be the embodiment of an ambivalent natural force. They are, like many obake, associated with the direction northeast.


A goblin from Japanese mythology that has several supernatural powers and skills in martial arts, the tengu were originally extremely dangerous demons and enemies of Buddhism, but over centuries, their behavior changed from a spirits of the damned to active defenders of Dharma.


Tsukumogami are an entire class of yōkai and obake, comprising ordinary household items that have come to life on the one-hundredth anniversary of their birthday. This virtually unlimited classification includes:
  • Bakezōri (straw sandals)
  • Biwa-bokuboku (a lute)
  • Bura-bura (a paper lantern)
  • Karakasa (old umbrellas)
  • Kameosa (old sake jars)
  • Morinji-no-kama (tea kettles)
  • Mokumokuren (paper screens with eyes)

Human transformations

Ukiyo-e print of yōkai, by Kawanabe Kyōsai
There are a large number of yōkai who were originally ordinary human beings, transformed into something horrific and grotesque usually during an extremely emotional state. Women suffering from intense jealousy, for example, were thought to transform into the female oni represented by hannya masks.[3] Other examples of human transformations or humanoid yōkai are:
  • Rokuro-kubi (humans able to elongate their necks during the night)
  • Ohaguro-bettari (a figure, usually female, that turns to reveal a face with only a blackened mouth)
  • Futakuchi-onna (a woman with a voracious extra mouth on the back of her head)
  • Dorotabō (the risen corpse of a farmer, who haunts his abused land)


Some yōkai are extremely specific in their habits, for instance:
  • Azuki Arai (a yōkai who is always found washing azuki beans).
  • Akaname (only found in dirty bathrooms and spends its time licking the filth left by the untidy owners).
  • Ashiarai Yashiki (A gargantuan foot that appears in rooms and demands the terrified home owner washes it)
  • Tofu Kozo (a small monk who carries a plate with a block of tofu).

 In media

Various kinds of yōkai are encountered in folklore and folklore-inspired art and literature.

Famous Works and Authors

Lafcadio Hearn's collection of Japanese ghost stories entitled Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things includes stories of yūrei and yōkai such as Yuki-onna, and is one of the first Western publications of its kind. In Japan, yōkai are particularly prevalent in manga, anime and Japanese horror. Shigeru Mizuki, the manga creator of such series as GeGeGe no Kitaro and Kappa no Sanpei, keeps yōkai in the popular imagination. With the exception of four volumes of GeGeGe no Kitaro, however, Mizuki's works have yet to be translated into English. The same goes for Shiibashi Hiroshi, the manga creator of Nurarihyon no Mago and Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou .
Yōkai have continued to be a common theme in modern works of fiction. They served as the stars in the 1960s Yokai Monsters film series, which was loosely remade in 2005 as Takashi Miike's The Great Yokai War. They often play major roles in Japanese fiction.

Synonyms to yōkai

Instead of yōkai, sometimes the word mononoke (written 物の怪) is used. It carries the meanings of "monster", "ghost" or "spirit", and the literal meaning is "the spirit of a thing" or "strange thing".[4] This word is used to blame any unexplainable event on, and both inanimate objects and spirits of humans and other creatures can be called mononoke. Several anime have dealt with mononoke, perhaps most famously Princess Mononoke (where the spelling of the word is simplified as もののけ).

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DUA DUNIA : Jejak Pengganggu Sekolah - Full (28 Nov 2012)

Misteri Jam 12 (MJ12) - 07 August 2012

Puteri bunian teman Pak Su Nus tidur

Oleh Sabaruddin Abd Ghani

MASYARAKAT dulu, terutama yang tinggal di pedalaman begitu taksub dengan kepercayaan karut-marut. Antaranya fobia dengan bulan mengambang. Kehadiran bulan yang melimpahkan cahaya di segenap alam itu dikaitkan dengan beberapa kejadian berunsur tahyul. Kenapa ini boleh berlaku? Apakah minda mereka terpenjara dengan lakonan syaitan?

Tetapi lain pula halnya dengan tiga sahabat iaitu Pak Ngah Rushi, Pawang Suhud dan Pak Su Nus. Mereka gemar menjala ikan pada waktu malam. Hobi sebegini yang tidak disenangi penduduk kampung.

Pendirian mereka jelas. Mereka tidak mudah percaya dengan kepercayaan yang tidak berpijak di bumi nyata. Mereka tidak mahu menjadi hamba kepada iblis dan syaitan! Cuma Allah saja tempat berlindung dan memohon pertolongan. Syirik berkiblatkan yang lain! Itu pegangan hidup tiga sahabat berkenaan.

Paling berpengalaman, Pawang Suhud (sudah meninggal dunia), rakan baik tiga serangkai ini menjadikan Sungai Lipis dekat Benta, Pahang sebagai lokasi menjala ikan. Anehnya, mereka tidak gemar menjala pada waktu siang, sebaliknya waktu malam menjadi pilihan, terutama ketika bulan mengambang.

Kisah menarik dialami tiga rakan ini berlaku pada awal 60-an. Sudah melewati setengah abad namun Pak Ngah Rushi yang kini berusia 70 tahun masih boleh mengingati peristiwa paling aneh pernah ditempuhinya itu.

Pak Ngah Rushi yang pada masa itu tinggal dan berkerja di Ladang Budu mengenali Pawang Suhud agak lama juga. Kalau bukan kerana Pawang Suhud seorang pengusaha gula kabung di Kampung Peruang, sudah tentu mereka tidak mengenali antara satu sama lain.

“Kebiasaannya, musim kemarau dan waktu malam menjadi pilihan kami meredah sungai berkenaan mencari ikan. Bagaikan terkena candu, kami tidak senang duduk jika tidak menjala di sungai itu apatah lagi ketika bulan penuh.

“Hasil tangkapan berbaloi ketika musim kemarau melanda daerah Kuala Lipis agak lama. Ini membuatkan kami kemaruk hingga sanggup bermalam di tepi sungai berkenaan,” kata Pak Ngah Rushi.

Pak Ngah Rushi yang kini kembali menetap di Semeling, Kedah setelah pernah merantau di Benta selama hampir 10 tahun berkata, lokasi sekitar Jeram Besu terkenal dengan ikan seperti kenerap, sebarau, kaloi, baung dan tengas kerana arusnya agak deras selain berbatu.

Beliau yang masih sihat penglihatan dan pendengaran terus bercerita mengenai pengalaman menjala ikan bersama Pawang Suhud dan Pak Su Nus (juga sudah meninggal). Pawang Suhud dan Pak Su Nus yang tinggal di Kampung Peruang sanggup berjalan kaki sejauh kira-kira 6 kilometer kerana ketika itu belum ada jalan raya dibina di kampung berkenaan.
Tanpa menggunakan lampu suluh (kerana bulan mengambang), tiga rakan baik itu rancak menebar jala di lokasi yang paras airnya hanya paras lutut. Sesekali suasana hening terhibur dengan kesayuan suara burung pungguk. Hingga jam melepasi 10 malam, hasil tangkapan diperoleh lebih daripada cukup untuk dimakan. Ketika berehat seketika di tebing sungai sambil menghirup kopi o dan menghisap rokok daun, mereka disapa seorang lelaki separuh usia ditemani isterinya menjinjing jala menghala ke arah hulu sungai.

Mengesyaki sepasang suami isteri itu mungkin penduduk kampung berdekatan, tiga sahabat terbabit tidak menghiraukan mereka berlalu dari situ. Mereka terus menghirup kopi o yang dicicah biskut kering untuk mengalas perut.

Ketika Pak Ngah Rushi cuba menanggalkan jala yang tersangkut di celah batu, dia terpandang beberapa biji limau purut terapung di suatu kawasan yang airnya agak tenang.

“Pawang Suhud yang sememangnya arif dengan perkara misteri mengarahkan kami buat tak tahu saja sambil kami menjejak dari arah mana buah itu hanyut.

“Ketika sampai di suatu jeram yang airnya kurang deras, pak cik teruja apabila melihat kawasan itu diterangi cahaya kerdipan kelip-kelip dalam bilangan yang amat banyak. Dalam suasana hening diterangi bulan purnama, kawasan itu terserlah indah hingga membuatkan kami seakan terpukau menyaksikan fenomena aneh itu.

“Pawang Suhud yang dapat menerima isyarat fenomena menakjubkan itu sekali lagi mengarahkan kami berdiam diri sambil memerhatikan perkembangan seterusnya,” cerita Pak Ngah Rushi lagi.

Selama hampir setengah jam mereka memerhatikan kejadian itu, pelbagai perkara pelik seperti terhidu bau sabun mandi, air mengalir berbuih dan wangian semerbak menerjah ruang persekitaran.

Lebih teruja , kata Pak Ngah Rushi lagi ialah apabila Pak Su Nus ternampak kelibat beberapa gadis berkemban menyelinap di sebalik batu besar. Yang menghairankan, kemunculan gadis itu dalam beberapa saat hanya dapat dilihat Pak Su Nus.

Bimbang kehadiran mereka disedari makhluk halus itu, penjala diketuai Pawang Suhud itu beredar semula ke khemah pisang sesikat yang didirikan kira-kira 50 meter dari lokasi kejadian.

Kejadian aneh tidak hanya berkesudahan di lokasi jeram kelip-kelip itu. Pada malam itu, dalam keadaan antara terlelap dan jaga, Pak Su Nus yang tersentuh badan Pawang Suhud yang sasa terasa lembut dan gebu. Bahagian muka orang tua itu juga terasa lembut, tiada misai dan janggut.

Pawang Suhud yang terjaga lantaran tindakan Pak Su Nus seperti mengigau itu kehairanan lantas mengejutkannya. Apabila terjaga, wajah Pawang Suhud direnung Pak Su Nus agak lama tapi kemudian kembali tidur.

Keesokan harinya selepas sarapan, Pak Su Nus menceritakan apa yang dialami pada malam itu. Sama ada realiti atau gangguan perasaan, Pak Su Nus menceritakan dia didatangi seorang gadis cantik lalu berbaring di sebelahnya.

Untuk tidak mahu dia dipersendakan, Pak Su Nus yang lurus bendul itu menunjukkan sekuntum bunga raya merah muda dijumpai dalam poket seluarnya. Siapa yang memberi dan meletakkan bunga dalam poket seluar orang tua itu?

Pengalaman diketemukan jeram kelip-kelip dipercayai tempat puteri bunian mandi itu dijadikan iktibar Pak Ngah Rushi. Ketaksuban masyarakat zaman dulu terhadap perkara yang gagal diselami akal manusia berasas kerana Allah turut mencipta makhluk lain selain manusia.

“Menurut fahaman orang tua dulu, bulan mengambang sering dikaitkan dengan kejadian menyeramkan seperti langsuir berkeliaran, anjing menyalak menandakan ternampak makhluk halus dan waktu digemari orang bunian atau pari-pari mandi di sungai atau air terjun,” kata Pak Ngah Rushi mengakhiri perbualan kami.

Source:  Joran

Haunted Villisca Axe Murder Mystery House

Villisca happened to be a peaceful community until June 10, 1912, when eight bloody corpses were found in a mysterious house. The victims of the tragedy included the members of the J.B. Moore family, and two guests.

It still continues to be a mystery, and it has been almost 90 years now.

All that was not about the murder-mystery was a brutal confrontation, in which the killer had crushed the heads of the members of Moore family with an axe, but he was never caught, nor could anyone find evidence against the killer.
We visited the place during the month of June, which falls under the tour season, and museum timings are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, so we started at about 10:30 am in the morning. Darwin arranges for the visit, and you are given the entry to the place, on first-come-first-serve basis.

Apparently, the place was not just haunted in past, but it’s still haunted till date, and when we visited the place, we had a sceptical feeling of being watched by someone secretly, and that the killer will probably come back to lay off more skulls.

There are two places worth your visit which include the famous Villisca Axe Murder house as well as the House Olson-Linn Museum, which is located at the Villisca Town Square.

During our visit to the Villisca Axe Murder house, Darwin walked us through the place, and though you may not find it scary right away, Darwin’s expressions and way of explaining things make it a scary deal for sure. When he mentioned about the door and the closet where the Moore family members were murdered, we got an off feeling of door opening slowly, and we noticed some white light coming from the closet through the crack between the door frames. Suddenly, we felt that the door closed back again, and as though the killer had got a glimpse of all of us.

If you’re weak hearted, then surely this is not a good place for you. By the way, you can grab a bite at the café in town as well. Anyways, it costs just $10 per person to pay a visit to the Villisca Axe Murder House as well as the museum (no fee for children below 12 years, but carrying them is not advisable).

Well, continuing with our visit of Villisca Axe Murder House, we enjoyed the overall experience, and we tried to visualize the past, and it surely was a hell of an experience. My wife wasn’t really moved too much by the story, (she’s hard to convince for anything though), but my little daughter got pretty scared, and except for the odd moments when we felt like being watched, it was not that exceptional though.

You can find good literature about the past of the Villisca Axe Murder case in the museum, and we weren’t really moved by anything else in the museum. Overall, a good place to visit, if you’re bugged with usual trips and definitely recommendable for those who love hearing about murder mysteries and scary things.

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Source:   Real Scary Ghost

Mysterious World Landmark

Mysterious World Landmarks – The world is filled with ancient monuments built by master craftsmen in order to honor everything from kings and presidents to religious figures. And although most of these landmarks have been carefully studied and researched by scientists and historians, some are simply so old, incomplete, or obscure that we still don’t know very much about why they were built or what purpose they served.

The following are 10 world landmarks that, whether by intention or simply due to the passage of time:

1. The Cahokia Mounds

The Mystery
Although scientists are constantly discovering new information about the Cohokia community, the biggest mystery that remains is which modern Indian tribe is descended from the residents of the ancient city, as well as just what it was that caused them to abandon their settlement.

2. Newgrange

The Mystery
Archeologists know Newgrange was used as a tomb, but why and for who still remains a mystery. The painstaking design needed to guarantee that the yearly solstice event occurs suggests that the site was held in high regard, but other than the obvious hypothesis that the sun featured prominently in the mythology of the builders, scientists are at a loss to describe the true reason for Newgrange’s construction.

3. The Yonaguni Monument

The Mystery
The ongoing debate surrounding Yonaguni centers on one key subject: is the monument a natural phenomenon, or is it man-made? Scientists have long argued that millennia of strong currents and erosion have carved the formations out of the ocean floor, and they point to the fact that the monument is all one piece of solid rock as proof that it was not assembled by a builder. Others, though, point to the many straight edges, square corners and 90-degree angles of the formation as proof that it’s artificial. They often cite one formation in particular, a section of rock that resembles a crude carving of a human face, as evidence. If they are right, then an even more interesting mystery presents itself: who constructed the Yonaguni Monument, and for what purpose?

4. The Nazca Lines

The Mystery
Scientists know who made the Nazca Lines and how they did it, but they still don’t know why. The most popular and reasonable hypothesis is that the lines must have figured in the Nazca people’s religious beliefs, and that they made the designs as offerings to the gods, who would’ve been able to see them from the heavens. Still, other scientists argue that the lines are evidence of massive looms that the Nazcas used to make textiles, and one investigator has even made the preposterous claim that they are the remnants of ancient airfields used by a vanished, technologically advanced society.

5. Goseck Circle

The Mystery
The monument’s careful construction has led many scientists to believe that the Goseck Circle was built to serve as some kind of primitive solar or lunar calendar, but its exact use is still a source of debate. Evidence has shown that a so-called “solar cult” was widespread in ancient Europe. This has led to speculation that the Circle was used in some kind of ritual, perhaps even in conjunction with human sacrifice. This hypothesis has yet to be proven, but archeologists have uncovered several human bones, including a headless skeleton, just outside the palisade walls.

6. Sacsayhuaman

The Mystery
Most scientists agree that Sacsayhuaman served as a kind of fortress of barrier wall, but this has been disputed. The strange shape and angles of the wall have led some speculate that it may have had a more symbolic function, one example being that the wall, when seen next to Cuzco from above, forms the shape of the head of a Cougar. Even more mysterious than the monument’s use, though, are the methods that were used in its construction. Like most Inca stone works, Sacsayhuaman was built with large stones that fit together so perfectly that not even a sheet of paper can be placed in the gaps between them. Just how the Incas managed such expert placements, or, for that matter, how they managed to transport and lift the heavy hunks of stone, is still not fully known.

7. The Easter Island Moai

The Mystery
While there is a fairly solid consensus on why the Moai were erected, how the islanders did it is still up for debate. The average Moai weighs several tons, and for years scientists were at a loss to describe how the monuments were transported from Rano Raraku, where most of them were constructed, to their various locations around the island. In recent years, the most popular theory is that the builders used wooden sleds and log rollers to move the Moai, an answer that would also explain how the once verdant island became almost totally barren due to deforestation.

8. The Georgia Guidestones

The Mystery
For all their controversy, very little is known about who built the Guidestones or what their true purpose is. R.C. Christian claimed he represented an independent organization when he commissioned the landmark, but neither he nor his group has spoken up since its construction. Since the monument was built during the height of the Cold War, one popular theory about the group’s intentions is that the Guidestones were to serve as a primer for how to rebuild society in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.

9. The Great Sphinx of Giza

The Mystery
Despite its reputation as one of the most famous monuments of antiquity, there is still very little known about the Great Sphinx of Giza. Egyptologists might have a small understanding of why the statue was built, but when, how, and by who is still shrouded in mystery. The pharaoh Khafra is the main suspect, which would date the structure back to around 2500 BC, but other scientists have argued that evidence of water erosion of the statue suggests that it is much older and perhaps even predated the dynastic era of the Egyptians. This theory has few modern adherents, but if true it would mean the Great Sphinx of Giza is even more mysterious than previously believed.

10. Stonehenge

The Mystery
Stonehenge has become renowned for puzzling even the most brilliant researchers, and over the years the many gaps in the history of its construction, the nature of its use, and the true identity of its builders have become known as “The Mystery of Stonehenge.” The Neolithic people who built the monument left behind no written records, so scientists can only base their theories on the meager evidence that exists at the site. This has led to wild speculation that the monument was left by aliens, or that it was built by some eons-old society of technologically advanced super-humans. All craziness aside, the most common explanation remains that Stonehenge served as some kind of graveyard monument that played a role in the builders’ version of the afterlife, a claim that is backed up by its proximity to several hundred burial mounds. Yet another theory suggests that the site was a place for spiritual healing and the worship of long dead ancestors.

Ghost Story from India

Posted by snukij

One night, when Jadhav was returning home at around 1:15 am after completing his third shift, he encountered a strange thing. He saw a man standing in front of him on the railway tracks, accompanied with a cycle. This man was blocking the whole crossing by placing the cycle across the road of the crossing. Jadhav saw this man, but was unable to see his face since the man was facing away from Jadhav.
At first, Jadhav asked the man to leave his way, but there was no response. After a couple of requests, Jadhav started using abusive language to persuade the man to leave the tracks, but there was still no reply. Finally, Jadhav decided to get rid of that man using some physical force. Jadhav was pretty confident about himself since he had a good physique with a height of 5 feet 11 inches and a weight of 85kg, whereas the man confronting Jadhav seemed a physically weak guy of around 45 kgs, and was only somewhere around 5 feet 2 inches tall. Jadhav stepped ahead to grip the shoulder of the man, but when Jadhav touched him, the man suddenly turned around facing Jadhav.
Jadhav saw his face and felt that it seemed something different, his face was totally white and his eyes were so deep that they weren't visible. Before Jadhav could make any move, that man landed a tight slap on Jadhav's face. The slap was so hard that Jadhav fell five feet behind on the ground. It would have been a really difficult task for a man of that height and physique to overpower a huge guy like Jadhav. Jadhav somehow managed to get up immediately but found that the man, along with his cycle, were both missing.
Fear ran through Jadhav's mind as he realized that it wasn't human. Jadhav started running towards the railway platform, which was around 200 meters from the spot. Jadhav somehow reached the railway platform and then ran all the way to his house.
From that night, Jadhav suffered from high fever along with dystentry for one week. His family performed some Puja and Havan to rid him of this fever.
Today, Jadhav lives in Pune, India. Even after more than thirty years after that incident, Jadhav still remembers that night.
I still hear people saying that the railway tracks near the crossing are haunted, and some years back, a flyover bridge was constructed on the railway crossing.

by Meenakshi

Source:  Real Ghost Webs